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Integrated Wellness

The Wellness division of Fortuelife is dedicated to the development of products aimed at enhancing individuals' health and vitality. We firmly believe in the synergistic potential of nature and scientific advancements, and our product range serves as tangible evidence of this conviction.

Our diligent research team tirelessly endeavors to ensure that our offerings are not only health-promoting but also safe and efficacious.


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Problem Statement

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water is the mostly used daily for drinking by many of us. It has low TDS (Total Dissolved Salts). In simple terms it has low mineral content. Drinking this RO Water daily will have a negative effect on your body’s homeostasis. In order to excrete this low TDS RO Water < 50, our Kidneys uses minerals available inside our body. This results in loss of minerals from our body system. This has detrimental effects on our hormone secretion, Kidney Functions and bone mineral density. If we still continue to consume same water we will face several Health Issues like Tiredness, Weakness, Kidney Problems, Heart Problems and Joint Pains etc. in long term.


SWACCH H2O is designed and developed to solve the problem with RO Drinking Water. It is made to enhance the TDS Levels of RO Water used for drinking daily. It has eight essential minerals and eight essential water soluble vitamins. SWACCH H2O helps to improve the quality of RO Drinking Water which in turn helps to improve our Health and Wellness.